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Стерео усилитель Marantz PM8004

Стерео усилитель Marantz PM8004

Стерео усилитель PM8004 (front)


More natural music reproduction

The refined array of circuit innovation inside the PM8004’s chassis are all devoted to one goal – more natural music reproduction.

Flexible Equalization

One of the first things you’ll notice about the PM8004 is the front panel’s TriTone tone controls.  Tri-Tone adds a midrange control to the more conventional bass and treble adjustments.  Tri Tone actually dates back to Marantz’s 1954 Model 1 Preamplifier and is even more useful today to correct frequency imbalances that often characterize compressed music sources such as iPods.

A Solid Foundation - Power Supply and Parts Selection

Specified by Marantz engineers, a large torroidal transformer is the foundation for the PM8004’s power supply.  Its circular shape and double shielding helps control stray magnetic fields that could adversely affect sound quality

The PM8004 also benefits from a wide array of parts carefully selected only after extensive laboratory evaluation and listening-room audition.  This process, call Sound Tuning, assures you of optimal performance.

High Current Amplifier

The 70 watts per channel (8 ohms) amplifier section delivers high instantaneous current so musical peaks retain their full dynamic range.  The PM8004’s mechanical and electrical aspects are designed to minimize the length of power supply lines and their potential interference. Individual power supply segments are located on the same heat sinks as the output transistors.  The benefit is that the PM8004 responds instantly and crisply to musical transients that lesser amplifiers would simply blur.

Short Signal Paths for Clearer Sound

For critical listening, the PM8004 includes a “Source Direct” switch that bypasses balance and tone control circuits for pristine reproduction.

Easily Integrates into Your Home Theater System

Power Amp Direct allows you integrate a dedicated 2 channel Hi-fi system with your home theater receiver and easily switch between modes. A convenient front panel switch optimizes the main-in terminals for use with a separate surround processor so you can enjoy the same Left and Right speakers you use for stereo.  This switch also disables the PM8004’s front panel controls (input selection, volume, balance, etc.) so that the surround processor acts as the control center when you’re enjoying surround sound.  Another three-second push on the Power Amp Direct button restores the PM8004 to normal stereo operation.

Audio Circuitry Designed for Superb Listening

Both preamp and power amp sections use fully-discrete, high speed current feedback circuits for minimal phase shift and better detail resolution. The phono input is a fully discrete, constant-current design optimized for moving magnet phono cartridges.

Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module

Marantz’s notable HDAM® SA3, the most recent addition to the Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module series, performs critical stage-to-stage signal transfers that leave the music unaffected.  Most inputs benefit from a common buffer circuit that minimizes unwanted interactions between source and amp.  The CD input enjoys a separate buffer for even better isolation.  Even the Record Out terminals are buffered for enhanced recording clarity.

Beautiful Appearance, Functional Design

The PM8004’s front panel uses a carefully chosen combination of aluminum and glass-reinforced resin to create a distinctive three dimensional appearance.  Indirect reflecting blue LEDs indicating input selection, etc., heighten that elegant appearance.  Aluminum front panel knobs add solidity while the high precision motorized volume control responds instantly to both touch and the PM8004’s included remote control.

As a proper foundation for the PM8004’s feature-rich performance, the chassis itself includes a triple-layer bottom plate to insure long-term alignment and vibration control.

Attention to Detail

Other details, those affecting both connectivity and convenience, add to the PM8004’s appeal.  Rear panel speaker connectors, for example, are Marantz-original heavy duty designs ideally suited for use with audiophile speaker cable.  With A/B speaker connectors and a front panel switch, you can select speakers in two different locations.  Other rear panel input and output terminals are gold-plated for long-term corrosion resistance and better conductivity.

In Summary

In short, the Marantz PM8004 provides exceptional music reproduction for the most discriminating listener.  And it doesn’t short-change the home theater enthusiast, either.  And for rack mounting, the RMK8754MSP will be available shortly.


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